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Your path to inner balance and well-being.

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Psychotherapy by Urša Young

Psychotherapy Urša Young

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Are you unhappy about some aspect of your relationship?


Are you afraid that your

relationship might not be the

optimal for you & your growth?


Are you facing recurring conflicts, frustrations, and dissatisfaction?


You're probably wondering how to improve your relationship - and you might be questioning whether it's possible (and if it is worth investing the time)

to save it.

Positive partnership relations
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Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your goals?


Your CONSCIOUS GOALS... probably don't align with outdated BELIEFS or feelings / traumas of the Inner Child or Protective / Reactive parts of you that stand in your way.

You might have tried ALL THE STRATEGIES, purchased various courses, and even hired coaches - yet somehow, it feels like you can't take a step forward.

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Our financial situations are strongly linked to childhood experiences and beliefs about money that we gained from family dynamics.


Exploring these roots is key to improving one's financial position. Understanding how our parents talked about money and how we felt about it allows us to identify and overcome negative patterns, positively impacting our financial life.

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Do you procrastinate and struggle with consistent actions?


Could you use some extra fuel to move faster towards your goals? Wouldn't you mind having an additional energetic member on your team?

I get it!

You're probably tired of trying to do everything on your own.

I excel at accelerating success - let's jump into action and start realizing your goals!

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Modra slika ozadja

"Urša was a true mentor and guide on my life path, and I'm certain that without her, I wouldn't have been able to make the leap into my dream career, which truly brings me joy. If I were to die today, I know that I've lived a full life and that I followed my heart. And for that, I am immensely grateful.


Teja Cerar

Urša's coaching is truly something unique. Urša stood by my side when I encountered an environment that didn't support me and where I couldn't flourish anymore. If it wasn't for her heartfelt support, I would probably have settled for less and found it hard to believe what all is possible for me - and everything would have been much slower.

Anton Meglič

With Urša's help, I doubled my income and connected with my higher, limitless self. I am the happiest I have ever been! I came to Urša full of doubts, desperate about my financial situation, and unsure of how to proceed. It was hard to believe, but in just a few months, everything changed!​


Andreja Goropevšek

I turned to Urša for career advice because I wanted a clearer direction. With Urša's help, I found clarity, motivation, and took steps towards success. Urša was incredibly encouraging and motivating. I highly recommend consulting with her.​


Nataša Progar

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O meni

About Ursa

O meni Urša Young

Ursa is a vibrant Rebel Psychologist (MSc from University of Ljubljana) with 10+years of experience in heart-based transformation, helping women and conscious rebels reclaim their Voice and achieve Emotional and Financial Freedom by healing trauma, removing hidden blocks, and finding balanced success.

She believes that lasting change requires a new level of self and is dedicated to guiding others through this journey.

Ursa is passionate about awakening conscious, liberated leaders to heal, reignite, and inspire positive change in the world.

She's a firm believer in compassionate healing and the human capacity to overcome challenges through heart-centered growth and solutions.

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